Half Marathon Training Log: Week 1

Half Marathon Training Log: Week 1

I've blogged in my Memories and Milestones post about my upcoming goals for the year (the London Winter 10km Run, the Berlin Half Marathon and the London Tri, FYI!). Even though over the last few years I've trained for several marathons, I've never, ever trained for any other race. I guess I'm relatively new to running but my eye was always on the marathon goal almost as soon as I started.

Now I am training for a 10km in an aim to get a bit faster (and not have to spend so long running every weekend!), and this will form part of my training for the Berlin Half Marathon. I know running should be for the enjoyment, but after several failed marathon attempts, I decided it would be better to concentrate on getting speedier and improving my running form, something which is obviously suffering the longer I've been running, and I would be up for grabbing a few PBs. Here's my master plan:

1. Concentrate on speed running for the next two weeks before the London Winter Run. I went to Park Run for the first time evverrrrr (I know, I know, how has that happened) and after what felt like a fairly casual run with my friend Sam, we came in at 25:41. Not bad considering we were chatting the whole way and were both aching from various self-inflicted DOMS. It's served as a good benchmark for what I feel I can comfortably run 5km at...will it translate to 10km, that's the question.

I'm gonna work on my speed by attending HIIT interval treadmill sessions (they are killer! Think Barry's but without the floor section) at my gym, The Third Space, and the new Nike track sessions (yes, track in winter!) starting next week.

2. Get my running technique sorted. After pulling out of the London Marathon 2014 a due to a hideous IT band injury, I strength trained my glutes off to ensure it didn't happen again in the London Marathon 2015. It didn't. Cue Brighton Marathon 2016 and with only one IT band inflicted training run, no issues until the big day when I experienced every runner's nightmare halfway through the race (see here). Apparently it doesn't matter how much you strengthen the problem area, if you aren't running with the right technique then the right muscles aren't kicking in when you're tired. Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?!

I am signed up to sessions at The Running School, and I can't wait to blog about my experiences working with those guys and hopefully seeing my training improve!

3. Continue to work on my strength. I don't have a PT and don't think I'm helping myself by flitting from class to class, so this means keeping up with my diarised Kayla Itsines sessions. I've started this programme so many times, getting up to weeks 7 or 8 before, but I'm committed this time around with a more solid goal in sight. The aim is to knock out three a week, although I'll drop one where I go to some other form of full body class.

4. Think of the 10km and the half marathons as a mere warm up to the London Tri, where my biggest challenge will be learning to front crawl. I've signed up for swimming lessons, starting in March, which I'm hoping will compliment the running and strength training. Once I've got them underway then I need to incorporate the bike as well, but that might have to come post Kayla programme, otherwise I'm going to run out of days in the week!

Here's my week's training:

Monday: Thanks to the tube strike (groan...) I managed my first run-commute. I enjoyed it so much that I'm definitely going to try and do it every other week or so 'cause it's a really easy way to get some miles in. I could feel the old IT band tweaking though so I expect my form was off because I was a bit stop-start (doesn't help when you don't know where you're running) and I probably didn't have the best backpack for the job. Anyway, 9ish miles in the bag over the course of the day.

Tuesday: Kayla Itsines Week 1, arms and abs.

Wednesday: Rest day.

Thursday: Circuits class.

Friday: Kayla Itsines Week 1, legs...my poor legs! I also attended a meditation session Om on the Move at Lululemon's new Regent Street store (ok, so the class was on a bus) hosted by the gorgeous and dreamy Annie Clarke (aka Mind, Body, Bowl).

Saturday: Parkrun - 5 miles with the trip there and back.

Sunday: Maybe Kaya Itsines Week 1, full body. If I can muster the energy...it is Sunday night after all and my legs are still aching from Friday's session!

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