Christmas Lust List: Fitness Gift Guide 2017

Christmas Lust List: Fitness Gift Guide 2017

It's that time of year again and I've been putting together my list of must haves for the fitness laydees in your life. Get shopping! 

Food Exercise Sleep Fitness Journal (£10 Kikki.K)

I’m a big stationary lover and I’m already starting to get myself organised for 2018, so I was well chuffed when I received one of these Kikki K Food. Exercise. Sleep journals in my goody bag from the retreat I went on a month or so ago. You can set your fitness and wellbeing goals and monitor your progress and generally make lots of lovely notes and lists. I've already been bragging about mine over on my Instagram page.

Harry Judd book – Get Fit, Get Happy (£6.99 Amazon) 

You’ll probably know of Harry from his McFly/McBusted days and may well roll your eyes at the thought of reading about his 'life to date', but celebrity autobiography this is not. As you may have guessed from the title, Harry’s new book advocates using fitness to combat anxiety. I really want to give this a read because I’m totally on-board with this philosophy, often using exercise to clear my head and get some ‘me time’. If you’ve already read it, what do you think?

Fresh N Rebel - Wireless Headphones (£49.99 Fashercise) (note: just reduced to £37.50)

I am absolutely obsessed with these wireless headphones and I need them in my life (literally, I’ve just moved to an iPhone 8 without earphone jack and I’m getting behind on my podcasts! Yes, yes, first world problems I know.) As well as meaning you can squat without getting tangled up in wires, apparently they are also noise blocking so perfect for when you want to be in your own world.

Silverslick Goggles (£25.99 Swimfreak)

I’ve already waxed lyrical about these goggles over here – if you are a keen swimmer and are in the market for a new pair, I can vouch for these being amazing.  

Fitness Mad Warrior Mat (£17.99 Powerhouse Fitness)

Working out at home is a great way to fit workouts in around a busy life, and that’s impossible without a good mat. I ditched my old natty one last year and haven’t looked back.  This one from Powerhouse Fitness is inexpensive and does the job.

Pictures from Swimfreak and Powerhouse Fitness used with permission. Other pictures c/o Kikki.K, Amazon and Fashercise. 

Christmas Lust List: Fitness Gift Guide For Her

Christmas Lust List: Fitness Gift Guide For Her