Christmas Lust List: Fitness Gift Guide for Him

Christmas Lust List: Fitness Gift Guide for Him

Finally got my butt in gear this weekend and started getting organised with Christmas presents, with a week to go (I know...). I tend to shy away from real life shops these days - must be something to do with working in Central London (i.e. hell on earth at this time of year) and always lugging a gym bag around and generally feeling short on time, so I've been trawling the internet A LOT.

Whilst it's easy to find so many wonderful independent online shops for girls (Hiiii Fashercise, Active in Style, Hip and Healthy), there are hardly any for guys. I thought I would put my web-surfing to good use so I've collated a gift guide for your fit partner/brother/dad/flatmate and so on. If you get in there quick you can make the last of the Christmas delivery dates, unless you are the kind of crazy person that the thought of Oxford Street/your local shopping centre the week before Christmas doesn't fill you with dread. 

From left to right in clockwise order...

1. Adidas Gazelle, £74.99 from Office.

Gazelles are cool again, thanks to Ms Moss. They are set to be 2017's Stan Smiths and this classic pair will go with anything. 

2. Sony wireless headphones, £34.99 from Currys.

My mate Styx has these and recommended them - they are really good value for wireless headphones from a big brand. No more tangling yourself up in the gym when you're cursing those burpees.

3. Lululemon surge run backpack, £118. 

I love this sleek minimalist commuter backpack which comes with a padded section for your laptop and odour reducing tech (because no one wants their work shirt to smell like trainers). Lululemon is so great at making pieces that looks basic on the surface, but that you marvel at up close. Also, if you buy this for your boyfriend you can legit 'borrow' it. 

4. Fitbit Charge 2, £129.99.

So many fitness trackers to choose from these days, and I still don't own one myself. If I did, this looks like the best one on the market at the mo because as well as heart rate capabilities, it connects to GPS on your phone so you can see live stats on your wrist as you run. Looks a bit sleeker than other models around as well. 

5. Nike men's joggers, £65.

I bought these for Dan last year and loved them so much I bought a pair for myself in grey. We so unisex yo. Super comfy but fitted enough to look cool as you coch.

6. Umoro protein shake water bottle, £18.99 on Amazon.

This unimposing water bottle is actually really clever - stick your protein powder in the top and press a button to add to the water (and shake) when you're ready.

There we have it! My pick of last minute gift ideas, and most of them are definitely unisex ;). Let me know if there's anything you think is missing from my list.


Christmas Lust List: Fitness Gift Guide For Her

Christmas Lust List: Fitness Gift Guide For Her